Quick Thoughts

Error When Saving a .PDF to a Mapped Network Drive (Adobe Reader XI)

Just fixed this error for a client and I thought I’d pass it along in case others are having the same problem. Whenever this client tried to overwrite a .pdf document located on a network drive he would get this error:

“The document could not be saved. Cannot save to this filename. Please save the document with a different name or in a different folder.”

After much trial and error the problem arises because in Adobe Reader XI, Protected Mode is enabled by default (which was not the case in Adobe Reader X and below). Since these files are located in a network location, Protected Mode blocks you from saving over the file. Here is the steps to turn off Protected Mode:

  1. Open Adobe Reader and Select Edit, then Preferences.

  1. Select the Security (Enhanced) option then uncheck “Enable Protected Mode at Startup” at the top.

  1. This message will pop up telling you to restart Adobe Reader for the changes to take effect. Click Ok and close Adobe Reader.

That’s it. When you open Adobe Reader next, you’ll be able to overwrite items in a network location now with Adobe Reader.