Quick Thoughts

NORAD Santa Tracker

One of my favorite Christmas traditions has to be the NORAD Santa Tracker. It's a silly thing but makes complete sense. Santa would almost definitely be picked up on RADAR delivering all the presents to the good little girls and boys of the world.

Steve Hendrix did a wonderful write up on how this tradition got started a few years back which you can read over at the Washingon Post. In short it came from a Sears ad in December 1955 that gave what Sears thought was a B.S. phone number for kids to call and "talk with Santa". Kids could call the number, get no answer, and assume that Santa was busy with the elves in the workshop getting ready for Christmas. Except it wasn't. That phone number went to the red phone at Col. Harry Shoup's desk. Shoup was a commander of the Continental Air Defense Command, CONAD, the precursor of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

Mr. Hendrix does a better write up of the story than I ever could but it starts with a Sears ad and a phone number and ends with Col. Shoup calling the local radio station in Colorado Springs telling the world they've picked Santa up on RADAR coming from the North Pole and providing updates every few hours.

Fast-forward to today and the NORAD Santa Tracker has become a full-fledged Christmas tradition for people like me who love the magic of Christmas as well as the wonder of technology.

You can track Santa as he delivers packages all over the world at the NORAD Santa Tracker website: https://www.noradsanta.org/en/map