Quick Thoughts

PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX) as Picture Slideshow

Here is a quick run down on how to export a PowerPoint as a picture slide show/individual images. Again, I'd recommend exporting as the picture slide show because it still runs in PowerPoint as a presentation but will run a lot smoother. Exporting as individual pictures will make each slide a jpeg picture, which could be emailed to others.

To export as a picture slideshow: File > Export > Change File Type > PowerPoint Picture Presentation > Save As.

A popup will open asking you where to save the file and what to call it. Be sure to not overwrite the actual PowerPoint as you cannot make changes to the Picture Slideshow.

To export as individual JPEG files:File > Export > Change File Type > JPEG File Interchange Format > Save As

A pop up box will appear asking you where to save to. Personally, I would make a folder and save inside that folder because 100 slides equals 100 individual jpeg files. After you click OK it will ask you if you want to export the slide you are on or all slides. Select the appropriate option for what you are doing and the slides will be exported as jpeg images.

Those images can be used as a slideshow outside of PowerPoint (just like a slide show of vacation photos or something similar) or they can be emailed individually to anyone you choose.